Hey everyone!

Hey everyone – we’ve decided to try something new. Rather than have a blog solely related to Smokin’ Barrels Personal Defense, we’ve decided to expand our blog focus to include our number one focus – our Father in heaven, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit that enables us to love and serve others above ourselves.

Not to lose sight of our blog’s title, we will also discuss all things related to guns, our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, personal defense, and other topics that we feel you might find of interest. Please come back often and keep a lookout for more to come.

Lastly, we live in a fallen world. While we place our faith and trust in God’s sovereign will, we must also not walk through life blindly. That said, you will begin to see us use a common valediction (complimentary close) at the end of our posts and communications, starting now.

Pray always and CY6! (check your six, i.e. 6 o’clock, behind you)

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